Good Quality vs. Bad Quality Body Lotion

Written by: Jess Hobbs

I have been using body lotions every day ever since I was sixteen years old. I started off using pharmacy brands, but what I didn’t know at the time was they are full of harsh chemicals, parabens and artificial fragrances. What I thought was healing and regenerating was actually stripping my skin and causing more damage. It wasn’t until 2017, after I became an esthetician and was introduced to Éminence Organic Skin Care that I finally learned the difference between good and bad quality skin care. I experienced immediate results with using Éminence body lotions whereas the pharmacy brands I had been using for years did not have the same affect.

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Jess Hobbs

Spa Therapist

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When I used the pharmacy brands, I had to be more generous with my application of the product which meant I had to replace the bottle faster. The lotion did not penetrate as deep, so my skin appeared dull and lacked radiance. Also, the artificial fragrance often lingered in the air and was very potent on my skin which made me experience many headaches. Whereas when I used Éminence’s body lotion, my skin was way smoother because of the organic hydrating ingredients. My elasticity returned which made my skin appear firm and tight, and it also appeared extremely plump and luscious. Furthermore, the lotion itself distributed very nicely, I didn’t have to overuse the product.

If you are interested in trying one of Éminence’s body lotions, I recommend the Naseberry; it’s my favourite. It has high levels of fruit acids which gently exfoliate and tighten the skin. It also has calendula oil which is extremely hydrating and it helps calm and soothe any irritation and redness. Not to mention, this product is free of parabens, artificial fragrance and alcohol. Everything you smell and feel is organic and very beneficial for the skin. The results I saw after using this product for a week were night and day.

Body Lotions

I have tried a few of the other lotions as well and they are equally as beautiful, but my concerns are hydration and exfoliation, so the Naseberry is the best option for me. That’s another reason why I love these lotions because they have several options to choose from. If you’re looking to firm and tighten the skin you should try the Coconut lotion, or if you want to lighten any pigmentation and freckles then the Stone Crop lotion is just what you need. Whatever your concern is, there are options for you.

Since I was introduced to Éminence Organic Skin Care just over a year ago, I have gone through two and half bottles of professional size lotions. That’s two and a half litres of beautifully formulated nourishment.  People often say I have an addiction; I have lotion in my bathroom, in my purse, and next to my bed.  I just look at it as you only have one body to take you through life, so be kind to it. I want to maintain my healthy, smooth and hydrated skin for as long as possible. And if I can educate others and help them achieve the same goals with their skin and feel more confident, than that’s a reward all on its own.