Massage Therapy

All massage treatments include an aromatherapy inhalation, hot towel application and warmed neck and eye pillow for full body relaxation.
Enjoy access to The Parkside Hotel & Spa‘s pool and hot tub before or after your massage for the ultimate relaxation experience.

couples enjoying a massage

Swedish Massage

Enjoy a full body relaxation massage using light to firm pressure. For tranquility, rejuvenation and day to day stress relief.

30 minutes – $70
45 minutes – $95
60 minutes – $110
90 minutes – $145

Deep Tissue Massage

A firmer pressure that focuses on release of deep muscle tension, chronic knots, helps break up toxins and lactic acids.

30 minutes – $95
45 minutes – $120
60 minutes – $140
90 minutes – $175

Therapeutic Massage

performed by a Registered Massage Therapist

This customized massage using light to deep pressure, helps target specific areas that may need extra attention, as well as injuries and overall relaxation. Receipt provided for medical benefits; must be requested upon booking.

30 minutes – $85
45 minutes – $110
60 minutes – $130
90 minutes – $165


Prenatal massage performed by a Registered Massage Therapist

Performed the safest way either by laying the mother-to-be on her side, cushioned with pillows, or on a support cushion suitable for any stage of pregnancy. This helps relax the body, improve circulation and mobility and decreases stress.

60 minutes – $130
90 minutes – $165

Couples Massage

Enjoy our luxurious room for two, whether it is a romantic getaway, special occasion or simply, a treat for you and a friend.

60 minutes – $240
90 minutes – $310

Neck & Scalp Massage

Choose from our selection of essential oils, to provide a calming effect on the body and nerves, and stimulate the immune system during a relaxing massage of the scalp, neck and shoulders.

30 minutes – $60

Massage Add Ons

Extended foot massage
15 minutes – $25
Extended scalp massage
15 minutes – $25