two women relaxing and talking in the relaxation lounge at the parkside spa

The Parkside Blend

Experience a soothing full body relaxation (Swedish) massage with a customized facial blended together for the ultimate relaxation package.

Massage cannot be performed by an Registered Massage Therapist.

90 minutes – $150.00

Island Glow

Treat your skin from head to toe with a rejuvenating body wrap and revitalizing express facial.

90 minutes – $170.00

West Coast Fusion

Experience a full body scrub with sugar, followed with a moisturizing body lotion, ending with an essential pedicure.

105 minutes – $145.00

The Ultimate Tip-to-Toe

This luxurious hand and foot treatment combines the ultimate pedicure and ultimate manicure treatments.

3 hours – $155.00

Modern Escape

Enjoy a full body relaxation (Swedish) massage and customized facial, followed by an essential manicure & essential pedicure.

4 hours – $300.00