Room Seven

Treatment Room Seven

Written by: Devin Singleton

Performing spa therapy in treatment room number seven is always a grounding and clarifying journey for the mind. I open the door, unveiling a shadowy cavern lit by glowing candles mounted on planks of dark wood against warm vanilla walls. The flickering flames sit on rectangular beds of dried lavender, giving a decompressing and organic atmosphere. When the heavy wooden door is closed, the outside world is silenced and so are life’s dilemmas.  All I hear is the sounds of deep chimes and soft crashing waves in the distant background. The aroma of French lavender essential oils trigger dream like emotions and memories, relaxing the body and eyelids are heavy.


The combination of the textured slate floor and the natural wood trim give the room a modern, west coast feel. What pulls the room together are two paintings in the exact same size hung side by side. This local artist uses broad messy brush strokes using colours of sea foam blue, dark turquoise and green. One depicts a simple row of birch trees, and the other has three birds perched on a tree branch. The paintings lack realistic detail but give the room an earthy boost of colour in dark lighting.

In the heart of the room there is a sturdy bed with crisp white linens folded and ironed to perfection. In the middle of the bed sits a mermaid tail decoration, crafted from a small towel and held together by an engraved wooden cuff. I take pride in folding and creating the tiny details in the room for pristine beauty. The fine points of this retreat invents a restorative get away from the everyday stresses of life.


Devin wrote this piece for a school project. We think it’s a fantastic narrative of our relaxing treatment rooms. Interested in coming to the spa? This room accommodates body treatments, facials, massages and more.